Our products

Two high-performance product lines that go beyond the standards set by current legislation in terms of quality.

They are high-performance bricks that comply with current regulations on energy saving, environmental sustainability, acoustic insulation, resistance to fire and seismic actions.

CELERSYSTEM Floor System made up of common interposed blocks of BIC floor brick and CELERSAP prestressed reinforced concrete joists; cast-in-situ EXCELSIOR floor blocks.



The new version of the Decree on Minimum Environmental Criteria (issued on 06/23/2022), entered into force on 12/04/2022 after 120 days.
SCIANATICO LATERIZI collaborates with the PANETTI-PITAGORA Institute for Surveyors of Bari in a PTCO training course (Path for Transversal Skills and Orientation)
Present at the next SAIE-Bari on 7-9 October, in the New Pavilion Stand E23.