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The latest generation multitasking bricks
for energy containment without insulation.

The block of brick, multi-chambered, with thin partitions, rectified, with lateral joints for living comfort in a natural way.

Constructing a building with high living comfort means guaranteeing thermal insulation, thermal inertia, absence of interstitial condensation phenomena, as well as acoustic insulation, absence of danger in case of fire, chemical-physical stability, absence of emission of dangerous substances. Focusing attention only on the thermal insulation obtained with the cladding (addition of insulating panels on the masonry) or the insertion of low-density insulating material in the blocks does not guarantee the satisfaction of all the other performances.


it is the block of multi-chamber brick, with thin partitions, rectified, which simultaneously guarantees all the performance required for living comfort in a natural way and without the aid of other materials.

The features of the masonry with POROTON eco PLAN MVI R blocks:

> low transmittance value obtained thanks to:

• high number of rows of chambers in opposition to the heat flow;
• the reduced thickness of the septa;
• to the lateral joints, which eliminate the negative effect of the thermal bridge of the vertical joints;
• rectification which, by minimizing the thickness of the horizontal joint and allowing the use of glue-mortar, also eliminates the negative effect of the horizontal thermal joint;

> resistance factor to the passage of vapor lower than 10 for good breathability and inhibition of condensation;

> front mass of the wall greater than 230 Kg/m2 for good thermal inertia, as required by the standards;

> incombustibility of the brick for excellent fire behaviour;

> infinite duration of the brick, over time, which eliminates the need for periodic maintenance;

> great chemical-physical stability. The brick does not degrade over time and does not emit dangerous substances of any kind;

> ease and speed of installation. Thanks to rectification, which makes the overlapping faces flat and parallel, the installation operation is simplified making the construction of a wall similar to a simple assembly operation with horizontal mortar joints of just 1-2 mm (eliminating, thus, also the thermal bridge).

The POROTON eco PLAN MVI block is the result of research and experimentation on multi-chamber bricks with thin partitions conducted by prestigious universities with the support of the Research & Development team of SCIANATICO LATERIZI. It currently represents the most advanced solution of the POROTON eco MVI line (Multichambered, with Vertical holes, with Joints) which also includes the solutions:
>POROTON eco MVI with horizontal joints of normal mortar
>POROTON eco Plus MVI with horizontal joint of normal mortar interrupted by a strip of insulating material (thermal break).
All the blocks of the POROTON eco MVI line have a recovered/recycled content greater than 15%.

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