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The most complete floor solution that the market can offer.

The CELERSYSTEM floor system by ILA LATERIZI represents the most complete proposal that the market can offer for such a particular and delicate structure as the floor. Formed by BIC blocks and joists in c.a.p. CELERSAP, represents the maximum synthesis of shape and characteristics of the components for excellent stability, resistance and stiffness of the floor made with them. From the supply of the components to the installation phase, to the completion and casting of the supplementary concrete, up to the stripping, the objective of the “CELERSYSTEM” system is the executive simplicity and the reliability of the behavior of the structure, “in operation” and throughout the life of the floor in the building. All rigorously framed within the prescriptions of the National and Community legislation, and of the rules of the art, and without neglecting all the results of the experimental researches carried out by the technical structure “Research and Development”, of SCIANATICO LATERIZI, in the most accredited university centers.

The system is made up of prefabricated beams in prestressed reinforced concrete and interposed brick blocks.

> The joists have such a shape and reinforcement as to allow for satisfy, with great certainty, a very large interval of “lift” and infinite requests for adaptation to more irregular forms of construction plan as well as the collaboration with the other component materials of the floor.
> The brick blocks have such a shape and size as to allow the creation of more demanding thicknesses of floor and to allow for correct integration with the completion concrete and supplementary reinforcement.

“BIC” interposed lightweight brick floor blocks

For mixed floor with block and beam, CELERSYSTEM

CELERSAP prestressed reinforced concrete beam line

for CELERSYSTEM floor with beams and interposed blocks.

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