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MVI Infill walls

The type of product for infill walls that allows you to easily achieve the goal of Sustainable Building, going beyond the NZEB Building (Almost Zero Energy Building), required by Legislative Decree 192/2005 as amended by DL 04/06/2013 n. 63 and by the three D.M. 06/26/2015).

It is the result of studies and experiments carried out by the company’s Research & Development department, constantly committed to identifying innovative solutions for:

Improve and ensure performance in compliance with regulations.

Respect the environment

Ensure a long life

Simplify the construction site by increasing safety

The basic product consists of a specially designed block which, to have a good insulating capacity, exploits a well-known physical concept of arranging a large number of rows of air chambers “in series” in opposition to the thermal flow. Adding, to this characteristic, a high number of lateral interlocks, a block is obtained which offers in a natural way (simply clay and air), excellent insulating qualities without the need for the help of any other material (fillings, interpositions, etc.). All this while maintaining unchanged all the other characteristics of the brick that allow you to respect at the same time:

• the provisions of the three Decrees of 6/26/2015,

• the prescriptions of the D.M. 11/10/2017 and the subsequent D.M. 23/06/2022 on the minimum environmental criteria (C.A.M.), with regard to the recovered/recycled content and the “internal air thermal capacity”,

• the criteria of the environmental protocols (Itaca protocol, LEED, etc.). It also allows you to respond optimally to the MISE Decree 06/08/2020 – E-Tab attachment. 1, on the technical requirements for access to tax deductions for the energy requalification of buildings (Superbonus 110%) and in demolitions and reconstructions.

All POROTON eco products are equipped with the “CE” marking (category I, control system 2+) and are characterized by a recovered/recycled content greater than 15% in compliance with the Minimum Environmental Criteria (C.A.M.).

With POROTON eco MVI blocks you simply insulate without the need for additional layers (coating), or fillings or interclusions and you simultaneously satisfy the performance of thermal inertia, fire resistance and acoustic insulation and stability.

Three different construction solutions characterize the POROTON Eco MVI typology:

Traditional horizontal joint and interlocking vertical joint

Horizontal joint with insulating strip
and vertical interlocking joint

Rectified block, thin horizontal joint with cement adhesive and interlocking vertical joint


For the identification of the Fire Resistance Class of brick walls, the New Code of Fire Prevention provides the use of specific tables included in different Ministerial Decrees. Our company has prepared summary tables to help the design engineers, for all our wall-mounted products, with the pertinent rules. The tables summarize two types of masonry:

1.Tables for not bearing walls including curtain wall blocks, infill wall blocks, and partitions wall blocks

2.Tables for load-bearing walls blocks

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