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CELERSAP. Prestressed reinforced concrete beam line.

They are the joists in c.a.p. products, with the prestressing process with adherent threads, in the ILA LATERIZI factory, technologically advanced and with a high degree of control. The joists have such a shape and reinforcement as to allow them to satisfy, with high safety and constancy, a wide range of “bearing capacity” and multiple requests for adaptation to the most irregular planimetric shapes as well as collaboration with the other materials forming part of the floor.

The primary components (normal and recovered/recycled aggregates, cement, steel) are handled following a highly reliable production cycle in order to arrive at the packaging of Celersap joists according to precise standards which include:
• careful preparation of the blend (right dosage of the components, constant quality of the materials, careful maturation);
• correct position of the reinforcements with respect to the section;
• controlled “pull” of the steels in the pre-tension phase;
• uniformity of the quality of the concrete mix;
• correct procedure in the “forming” phase;
• attention to the right degree of maturation of the concrete at the time of “stress release” and subsequent “cutting”.

The Celersap line of structural beams in prestressed reinforced concrete includes two types:

Beams in c.a.p. 9x12

for normal capacity slabs

Beams in c.a.p. 14x17

for CELERSYSTEM floor with beams and interposedblocks

The entire line of CELERSAP beams is characterized by a recovered/recycled content greater than 5% in compliance with the Minimum Environmental Criteria (C.A.M.), and by the complete absence of harmful substances as well as the emission of harmful gases.

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