POROTON eco P for Partitions and Dividers.

POROTON eco P blocks for Partitions and Dividers, characterized as POROTON 600, according to the standards of the Poroton Italia Consorzio, are elements that are used for the construction of partitions, multi-layer masonry false walls or internal partitions between different real estate units.

Thanks to their contained apparent mass (600 Kg/mc) and the percentage of holes between 45% and 55%, as well as thanks to the lightening of the fired mixture, these elements have a controlled mass, very effective for sound insulation and to fire within contained thicknesses. For the various partition thicknesses, up to 20 cm, the length dimension of all the blocks in the range is 35 cm, this allows for faster execution of the partition with the possibility of perfectly closing both horizontal and vertical joints.

The installation with vertical holes, thanks to the tenacious connection that is created between overlapping courses by virtue of the penetration of the mortar into the holes, guarantees adequate resistance of the masonry against horizontal out-of-plane actions.

horizontal joint

vertical joint

The greater thicknesses, over 20 cm, allow for the creation of dividing walls between different real estate units while simultaneously satisfying the two regulatory requirements consisting of a transmittance U < 0.80 W/m2K and a minimum soundproofing power depending on the intended use.

All POROTON eco P products are equipped with the “CE” marking (Category I, control system 2+) and are characterized by a recovered/recycled content greater than 15% in compliance with the Minimum Environmental Criteria (C.A.M.).

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