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Poroton eco

It represents the family of eco-sustainable products designed to fully satisfy all thermo-hygrometric and massive performance requirements for energy containment as well as for acoustic insulation and fire resistance. All in compliance with the Minimum Environmental Criteria (C.A.M.), according to the D.M. 06/23/2022. The POROTON eco family is divided into three specialized types of blocks (Infills, Structural, Dividers).

POROTON Eco MVI blocks

The Infill walls typology (abbreviation MVI), characterized by a particular internal texture with thin staggered partitions and a high number of rows of chambers in opposition to the thermal flow, with very high thermohydrometric, acoustic and fire resistance performance.

POROTON Eco PS blocks

The Structures typology (abbreviation PS) with the conformation of the internal and external partitions corresponding to the requests of the NTC/2018 for the construction of load-bearing masonry buildings in seismic areas.

POROTON Eco P blocks

The typology for Partitions and Dividers (abbreviation P), always with “vertical holes” arrangement, including a wide range of thicknesses that allow to give an adequate response to every type of performance.

The high technical value of the Poroton products by SCIANATICO LATERIZI is the result of the great experience acquired in 45 years of belonging to the Consorzio Poroton, directly participating in the research, studies and experiments that have qualified the brand.

Scianatico Laterizi has belonged to the Consorzio Poroton Italia for over 45 years

This presence has also meant making a large contribution by actively participating with its technicians and laboratories in the research and experimentation of the best innovations which on the one hand have increasingly confirmed the validity of POROTON BRICKS and on the other have contributed to the national prestige acquired by the Consortium itself.

We have built a technologically dedicated factory above all for the production of POROTON.

Producing brick with the POROTON brand has always meant the guarantee of the existence of a production process controlled at every stage and certified by external bodies, so as to ensure high performance of the materials with standards that go even beyond those required by current regulations. It means having a technical structure of great competence and professionalism capable of studying the possible evolutions of the product, of interpreting its technical application potential and proposing them to customers with technical-scientific rigor. It means attention to events and situations that lead to requests for new construction features, continuous verification, greater attention to energy containment and seismic safety.


For the certification of the Fire Resistance Class of brick walls, the New Code of Fire Prevention provides the use of laboratory tests as wellas specific tables included in the Ministerial Decrees 16/02/2007- Attached “D”, the Ministerial Circular Int. N.1968 del 15/02/2008 and subsequent modifications and additions.

SCIANATICO LATERIZI has for some products in the family POROTON Eco, fire resistance certifications, the Extended Application Reports, which allow to be achieved the highest EI values.

Masonry blocks Catalogue Scianatico Laterizi

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