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Respect for the environment

Complies with the decree on minimum environmental criteria (C.A.M.)

All Scianatico Laterizi production complies with the Italian Decree of 23 June 2022 "Minimum environmental criteria for the assignment of design services and works for the new construction, renovation and maintenance of public buildings" (C.A.M.). (Official Journal, General Series n. 259 of 06-11-2017)

Environmental performance of the manufacturing plant

The manufacturing plants have ISO:14000:2004 environmental certification on the entire production process, making them at the forefront of environmental issues. All production follows a process that minimizes the use of non-renewable energy, tending towards the recovery of all the energy produced internally, the recovery of rainwater and the reuse of production waste.

Equipment of Integrated Environmental Authorization (A.I.A.)

The A.I.A. is necessary to comply with the principles of Integrated pollution prevention and control already confirmed by the European Directive 2010/75/EU. This authorization requires particular attention to: the origin, the provenance and the quality of raw materials; the production process safety; the waste and emissions management; the quality of the finished product and positive impact on the environment. These are the issues that are evaluated through the A.I.A. released to the company by the Basilicata Region and which allow to obtain an ecological brick.

Commitment to compliance with the Environmental Protocol

The desire to keep up with new production technologies, to improve the quality of life of those who choose brick-built homes, lead the company to comply with the Protocol on the Environment, an agreement signed between the Ministry of the Environment, Legambiente and the National Association of brick producers.

The internal Environmental Policy of ScianaticoLaterizi and ILA Laterizi

> identification, control and reduction of all environmental impacts associated with the company’s activity. Reduction of pollutant emissions into the body of water and into the atmosphere, reduction of the consumption of natural resources, reduction of the quantity and dangerousness of the produced waste;
> personnel training on the criteria for correct management of the activities in charge in respect of the environment;
> promotion of environmental awareness among its employees, partners and users;
> effectiveness of internal and external communication on Environmental Sustainability issues;
> constant daily commitment to improve the quality of life.

The Life Cycle Assessment (L.C.A.) of its brick products is currently being studied, which will lead to the Environmental Product Declaration (E.P.D.) according to the prospects of the new Regulation n. 305 of the European Community. An effort to make the degree of sustainability of each of its products visible and quantifiable and allow the designer to give characteristics with environmental sustainability to the building.