The complete range of wall products from the SCIANATICO LATERIZI and ILA LATERIZI factories is made up of three families:


The raw material is extracted adjacent to the production plant. All SCIANATICO LATERIZI masonry products are CE marked according to the UNI EN 771 Harmonized Standard, with Category I, with Attestation System 2+. All masonry products are characterized by a recovered/recycled content greater than 15% in compliance with the Minimum Environmental Criteria (C.A.M.).

POROTON eco. Blocks for "vertical hollows" installation

It represents the family of eco-sustainable products designed to fully satisfy all thermo-hygrometric and massive performance requirements for energy containment as well as for acoustic insulation and fire resistance. All in compliance with the Minimum Environmental Criteria (C.A.M.), according to the D.M. 06/23/2022.

The POROTON eco family is divided into three types of product, (Infill walls, Structural, Dividers), each addressed to particular types of use.

POROTON eco MVI blocks

The Infill wall typology (abbreviation MVI), characterized by a particular internal texture with staggered thin partitions and a high number of rows of chambers in opposition to the thermal flow, with very high thermo-hygrometric, acoustic and fire resistance performance.

POROTON eco PS blocks

The Structures typology (abbreviation PS) with the conformation of the internal and external partitions corresponding to the requests of the NTC/2018 for the construction of load-bearing masonry buildings in seismic areas.

POROTON eco P blocks

The Partitions and Dividers typology (abbreviation P), always with “vertical hollows” arrangement, including a wide range of thicknesses that allow for an adequate response to stability, fire resistance and acoustic insulation.

ALVEOTHERM and HOLLOW BLOCKS for installation with horizontal hollows


Installation blocks “with horizontal hollows”. ALVEOTHERM is a masonry brick product relating brand with staggered partitions aimed at the building energy saving construction, thermal and acoustic insulation, fire resistance.


Installation blocks “with horizontal hollows”. The family of hollow blocks consists of masonry traditional blocks for dividing and partition.

Scianatico Laterizi Masonry blocks Catalogue

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