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Interpreter of the new needs of housing well-being

Scianatico Laterizi has continued its constant production of brick components for construction since 1932. The aspects that make Scianatico Laterizi a point of reference in the brick sector are the quality of the materials, technological innovation, respect for the environment, as well as the presence of efficient technical and commercial support services. The company’s attention is directed to the search for improved solutions in the field of energy saving, environmental sustainability and static safety. The main objectives are the improvement of the product, the simplification of site management and the attention of services to customers.

For over 45 years in the Poroton Consorzio Italia

Belonging to the Poroton Consorzio Italia for over 45 years gives greater value to the innovation and research policy, in a mutual exchange of technical knowledge, thanks to the presence of a professional and competent company technical structure, capable of analysing the evolution of the product, interpret their technical potential and the consequent applications, to offer them to the customer with technical-scientific rigor.

Producing brick with the Poroton brand underlines the presence of a production process controlled at each stage by external bodies, in order to guarantee quality to the production and high performance of the materials, with improved parameters compared to those indicated by current regulations.

It guarantees continuous updating according to events related to changes in the territory and situations that determine requests for new characteristics to be respected, constant verification, greater attention to energy containment and seismic safety.