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The floor with joists in p.r.c. (prestressed reinforced concrete) and brick blocks

The most reliable system in compliance with national and community legislation

According to the Technical Standards (NTC/2018), the floors formed by ribs and lightening blocks must provide the following performances:

> support all the vertical loads of the decks (own weights and overloads), for which they are made.

> their stiffness in their plane is so great (almost infinite) that it can be considered non-deformable and thus influence in a negligible way the distribution of seismic actions between the pillars. (Art. 7.2.1. letter c) of the Italian Ministerial Decree 01/17/2018).

> their resistance to horizontal actions (earthquake, wind, etc…), is equally great as to guarantee the effectiveness of this distribution.

Ultimately, the floor are required to be non-deformable and resistant even in their plane in order to correctly transmit the horizontal forces to the pillars.

To obtain these performances, the floor components (joists and blocks) must, in turn, have adequate dimensions and be equipped with high mechanical resistance in the laying surface and in the planes perpendicular to it. The Technical Standards reward the brick-cement attic. In fact, according to article 7.2.6. paragraph 6, attic made of lightening brick blocks, with a 4 cm concrete slab, is to be considered, by its nature, as infinitely rigid in its own plane. Attics with lightening blocks of other material not equipped with these resistances must instead have a concrete slab compulsorily greater than 5 cm, (depending on the distance between the ribs), and the stiffness in the plane must be demonstrated by the designer. Another problem, for a floor, is compliance with the “CE” marking as a structural element. In fact, not all possible materials are equipped with a Harmonized European Standard in order to comply with this obligation.

The brick-cement slab system Celersystem of Scianatico Laterizi

Constitutes the sure and coherent answer to these requests of the Technical Standard. In fact, it is based on the careful integration between the component products and all the procedures and documentation necessary for use.

With its CELERSAP prestressed concrete joists and brick blocks, BIC normally ensures:

> high resistance to vertical loads, thanks to the high values ​​of the Service Moments conferred by the reinforced concrete beams prestressed Celersap for the various heights;

> high durability. The prestressing of the concrete joists Celersap in addition to providing a great flexural strength, avoids the problems of cracking and consequent oxidation of the joist reinforcements;

> great resistance to horizontal actions optimized by the presence of BIC brick blocks with high compressive strengths in all directions;

> their rigidity in their plane is so great (almost infinite) that they can be considered non-deformable and thus influence in an egligible way the distribution of seismic actions between the pillars. (Art.7.2.1. letter c) of the D.M. 01/17/2018).

> compliance with the Harmonized European Standards UNI EN15037: Concrete products – Floors, beams and blocks – Part.1-3 for the “CE” marking. Both components, consisting of prefabricated beams in prestressed rein forced concrete and interposed brick blocks, are subject to “CE” markingaccording to this standard with a 2+ control system.

The CELERSYSTEM slab system, produced in the ILA LATERIZI factories of SCIANATICO LATERIZI Ltd., represents the most complete proposal that the market can offer for such a particular and delicate structure as the slab. From the supply of the components to the installation phase, to the completion and casting of the supplementary concrete, up to the disarmament, the company’s goal is to provide the customer with a coordinated procedure that provides all the necessary know-how and documentary support for its technical and bureaucratic management (Deposit to the Civil Engineers). All rigorously framed within the requirements of the National and Community legislation and the “rules of the art” and without neglecting all the results of the experimental research carried out at the most accredited national university centres.

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