Sustainable building: this is the goal of Scianatico Laterizi

The 5 good reasons for an important goal.

Constructing a sustainable building means adopting design solutions which are not limited only to limiting the heat losses of the building but which also guarantee respect for the surrounding environment, the healthiness of the building site during construction, the subsequent living comfort of the house and finally the lower energy consumption throughout the life cycle of the materials. It also means satisfying as much as possible, without the aid of other materials, all the performance required by a building, such as acoustic insulation, fire resistance, thermal inertia, permeability, stability.

The brick fully satisfies all these needs.

The 5 requirements for an important goal

1. Respect for the surrounding (ecological) environment is guaranteed when the construction products are obtained from regenerable raw materials or abundantly available locally. Clay deposits are very abundant in nature and almost inexhaustible. The deposits from which ScianaticoLaterizi draws the raw material are adjacent to the factories.

2. The production and processing of brick blocks is ecological because it leads to final products that can be applied with safe techniques, which do not involve the risk of harmful emissions such as dust or harmful gases both for workers during the construction phase and for the end users of the home, at all stages of their life cycle.

3. The total energy consumption referred to the entire life cycle, has a very small balance. In fact, a material requires energy during the extraction of the raw material, when it is produced in the plant, when it is used in construction, when it is transported and when it is disposed of.

4. The long life of the brick material makes it possible to avoid maintenance and replacements, making their impact null in terms of energy consumption, waste disposal and the relative cost. On the other hand, it has been ascertained that these interventions, invariably caused by short-lived materials, have high energy costs in addition to the considerable problems for waste management.

5. The multi-performances of brick, as a building material, allow to satisfy simultaneously, in a natural way, most of the performances required for the well-being of the home, such as acoustic insulation, fire resistance, thermal inertia, permeability, stability. Normally the other materials satisfy only certain performances and need to be coupled with other products.

Scianatico Laterizi proposes


The complete line of eco-sustainable materials able to satisfy any construction requirement

The POROTON eco family is divided into three lines:

The Poroton Eco family represents three product lines that certainly fully satisfy the five requirements of sustainability and which, in addition to guaranteeing the inherent series of performances, are respectively designed to optimize the full satisfaction of energy containment, seismic safety and internal comfort.

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