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The new C.A.M. enters into force building

The new version of the Decree on Minimum Environmental Criteria (issued on 06/23/2022), entered into force on 12/04/2022 after 120 days.

The Decree, (which replaces the previous Ministerial Decree 11/10/2017 – read the attached article), provides, in a more organic way, indications for the choice of the most suitable requirements aimed at identifying the best design solution, product or service, acts to satisfy the three areas in which the concept of “sustainability” is identified: environmental, economic and social, along the life cycle and taking into account market availability. Requirements that must take into account the entire life cycle of a product or service, from its production to its disposal, to its availability and impact on the market.

In other words, the CAM are intended to promote and encourage “the spread of compliant environmental technologies and environmentally preferable products” so that they can produce a “leverage effect” on the market and induce economic operators (even the less virtuous), to adapt to the new demands”.

After the current phase, taxation, of their use in public construction or for those public financing works (see the recent Superbonus 110%), the goal is also to create an “opinion” that leads to derive these needs directly from market demands.

The document applies to all building interventions of works governed by the Public Contracts Code, while in the case of building interventions that do not concern entire buildings, the new CAM apply only to the chapters: “2.5 – Technical specifications for construction products” and “2.6 – Technical design specifications relating to the construction site”.

SCIANATICO LATERIZI Research and Development Ing. Vincenzo BACCO