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Scianatico Laterzi educational meeting

SCIANATICO LATERIZI collaborates with the PANETTI-PITAGORA Institute for Surveyors of Bari in a PCTO training course (Path for Trasversal and Orientation) and responding to the request of the Director of the Institute, organized a course on brick was held as a part of the scool-work initiative to wich SCIANATICO LATERIZI joined with a speaker. The initiative intended to help to provide young people, in addition to the basic Knowledge of bricks, with the application skills necessary to allow them to enter the world of construction for this reason alternating the normal hours of study of the program subject with hours of training on topics concerning the world of work.

The lessons are mainly:

the brick production: from the extraction of the raw material to the formation of the product;

bricks for masonry: shape, performance, construction site, reference standards;

bricks for floors: shape, performance, construction site, reference standard.

The Company after provided all the illustrative technical material and has organized in the week following the seminar a guided educational visit to the factory in Matera, where the students will be informad about the production process of brick and concrete joints by following safe routes in the two factories of bricks and joints. ( on 21st NOVEMBER 2023)

Scianatico Laterizi

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