ALVEOTHERM. Blocks, with horizontal holes, for division walls and outer walls.

ALVEOTHERM is brand relating to wall brick products which differ in the partitions offset from the traditional materials used for the same use. In fact, they are used for the construction of masonry of various thicknesses aimed at achieving the various required performances: from energy saving to thermal inertia, from acoustic insulation, to fire resistance, always with the aim of building sustainability.
The ALVEOTHERM bricks produced by ScianaticoLaterizi are characterized by:

• baffles staggered in the direction of thermal flows and a greater number of rows of chambers compared to traditional perforated ones;

• complete absence of harmful substances as well as the emission of harmful gases. The larger formats may have one or two channels on the upper horizontal surface, suitable for creating a “thermal break” in the horizontal mortar joints. The raw material is extracted adjacent to the production plant.

interrupted joint


interrupted joint

The entire ALVEOTHERM family is equipped with the “CE” marking (Category I, control system 2+) and is characterized by a recovered/recycled content greater than 15% in compliance with the Minimum Environmental Criteria (C.A.M.).


For the identification of the Fire Resistance Class of brick walls, the New Code of Fire Prevention provides the use of specific tables included in different Ministerial Decrees. Our company has prepared summary tables to help the design engineers, for all our wall-mounted products, with the pertinent rules. The tables summarize two types of masonry:

1. Tables for not bearing walls including curtain wall blocks, infill wall blocks, and partitions wall blocks

2. Tables for load-bearing walls blocks

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